About Us

The Travel Agency was born in Venice, from the great passion for travel and adventure of our staff. Today our activity is a point of reference in the industry throughout the province of Venice, thanks to the seriousness and experience that characterizes our work every day. We don't deal only with the construction of tailor-made packages, but our goal is to accompany the customer at 360 °, to be a reliable and trusted partner in every move. That's why today we specialize in individual and group travel, but also tailor-made trips and honeymoons, cruises, skiing vacations, study vacations and much more. If you have always kept the trip of your dreams in the drawer, it's time to take it out and turn to our agency: courtesy and professionalism.
Welcome to the world of Oasitravel, a travel agency that offers quality vacations, selecting structures of high comfort and choosing partners in the world able to provide a timely and accurate on-site assistance. The proposals of Oasitravel are tailored to each individual traveler and tailored to individual needs and desir
Starting our business in 2013, the goals we had set ourselves were to be innovative and flexible. Innovative in a sector where novelty and originality are scarcely sought after; flexible, in order to be always ready to notice changes and understand their essence in time. In order to reach our goals we have chosen to privilege experience, competence, maturity and preparation in the choice of human resources. Our mission today is to control every day, carefully and scrupulously, the quality of our products, and to verify that our products have competitive prices and always in line with the market.
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